Rodys Audio Warehouse has many year's experience in residential electronics; offering sales, service, and installation of most major brands of equipment.

Home Theater

We specialize in home theater. If you're a do-it-yourselfer, we can assist you with purchasing the equipment you need. 

Or if you would prefer a pro to come in and design you home theater from top to bottom; we can do that to. 

We can provide all equipment and even the furniture.

Security Systems

Of course you want to protect your investment. 

Our security/camera systems come with internet monitoring that you can view from your computer or smartphone.


It does not happen too often; but when lightning strikes; you will want to make sure your insurance company covers it all. That's why we are here to help you file your claim. By providing damage estimates and doing the repair work for you. We can repair and replace your wiring and equipment and get you back up and running in no time.

Home Automation

Simplify your life (and impress your friends) with remote and automation control of a wide array of home devices.

  • Dim your lights
  • Adjust the temperature
  • Turn on your Home Theater Equipment

All using your remote or smartphone.

Away or Home? Going on Vacation? Well your home automation system can be programmed to turn on your sprinklers, turn on lights, or dial into your security system.

Sound System

Want to pipe beautiful music throughout your home? 

Have a pro music system installed!

Play music from CD's, Radio, USB/Flash Drive, or from your Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet.

Nothing beats setting the mood with music whether you are relaxing or throwing an energetic party.